PoemSense publishes the resources to meet the need of supplementary reading for students in order to analyze literary works and formulate a critical and interpretative perspective of their own. As poetry is one of the important genres in literature, PoemSense is prepared mainly with a view to orienting students to the texts and to help them interpret and understand poetry in various ways too. The poems dealt here are selected on the basis of their admiration. However, if you request the poem for analysis, we will consider your request seriously and publish the resources online as soon as possible. PoemSense serves with very short ‘introduction to the poet’ that only focuses on the relevant issues of the poet’s life. PoemSense also gives a short ‘introduction to the poem’ for helping students to understand the poem’s background. The introduction of the poet and the poem give you only such details about the poets and poem that are necessary for understanding beautiful poetic text. All the poems are explained stanza-wise so that you can understand them by reading them together with the explanation; the explanation will also help you write ‘explanation with reference to the context’ in a simplified, condensed, and organized way. The analysis of poetry here is analyzed by academicians, and the students of English literature. This website also provides the platform for the students who want to publish their ‘essay on analysis’ following the link: Submit an Analysis. Before publication your analysis will be reviewed by the Editor Team. PoemSense contains several canonical works, whose authors are credited on those pages themselves. PoemSense is suitable to serve as the basis of academic research. However, we are engaging ourselves still to upgrade this website. While those who are studying English literature may find this site useful in poetic analysis of poems, original texts and accredited sources should always be used for academic writing. Please also be aware that this site may present ideas and beliefs which are in opposition to your own, especially in areas concerning ethics and religion.

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